First Indo-German Conference on

Conference Topics:
  • PDE & Scientific Computing
  • Optimization & Optimal Control
  • Applications in
    • -Environmental Engineering
      -Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences
      -Biology & Bio-technology
      -Aerodynamics & Turbomachinery
      -Chemical Engineering
      -Electrodynamics & Optics

Coordinators: Schulz, V. (Trier, Germany) Local Organisers: Hazra, S. B.Hübner, E Leibfritz, F. Maruhn, J.Ries, M.
Adimurthi (TIFR, India) Sachs, E.Schulz, V. Tichatschke, R. Voetmann, T.
Organising CommitteeBock, H. G.(Heidelberg, Germany) Invited Speakers:Bock, H. G. (Heidelberg, Germany)
Dube, S. K. (Kharagpur, India) Brokate, M. (Munich, Germany)
Deshpandey, S. M.(Bangalore, India) Ghattas, O. (Pittsburgh, USA)
Hazra, S. B.(Trier, Germany) Gupta, A. S. (Kharagpur, India)
Helmig, R. (Stuttgart, Germany) Hoppe, R. (Augsburg , Germany)
Jayaraman, G.(Delhi, India ) Kirkilionis, W. (Warwick, UK)
Neunzert, H.(Kaiserslautern, Germany) Kroll, N. (Braunschweig, Germany )
Ravindran, R.(Bangalore, India) Kumaran, V. (Bangalore, India)
Roy, A. R. (Kharagpur, India) Steinbach, M. (Berlin, Germany)
Sachs, E. (Trier, Germany) Veerappa Gowda, G. D. (Bangalore, India)
Sharma, V. D.(Mumbai, India)
Sprekels, J.(Berlin, Germany)
Tichatschke, R.(Trier, Germany)
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Conference proceedings will be published as a special issue of the Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics (submission after the conference, all papers will be reviewed).

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